I am Not a Witch

Feature debut from Writer/Director Rungano Nyoni. I am Not a Witch is a satirical parody of a witch hunting. Film opens with a farcical scene where we have an African guide taking tourists to a witch camp which is set up like a human zoo. We see alleged witches set behind a barrier for visitors to see. The tour guide explains that they can fly but that these powers have been disabled now that they have been caught and kept in the witch camp. Scenes throughout the film present the ironies of this belief in witchcraft which really in another sense is a metaphor for deeply held prejudice.

I am Not a Witch is a film for art house film fans who like a social issue driven film. Offers something fresh in the performances of its predominant non-professional actors. Though it deals with a serious subject this is handled in a quite mischievous, playful way. Rungano is a budding talent and one to watch.