The Nigerian Filmmaker's Guide to Success

In the Autumn of 2014 I released my second book The Nigerian Filmmaker's Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood. This is my second publication in three years. Read more and download the introduction for FREE here.

Encyclopaedic, riveting and accessible, this book is 400+ full colour pages of captivating insights into Nollywood…it is a priceless resource for filmmakers and all round good read. Jon Hughes - Editor, Nigerian Watch

Nadia Denton's book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand Nigerian Cinema … it's vibrant present state and major potential for future development and enduring global relevance. Joanna Lipper – Director & Lecturer, Harvard University

The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success covers finance, marketing, exhibition and distribution, in a global context … from [which] emerges not just a new map of African cinema, but a picture of a globally-interconnected independent cinema with Nigeria as a prominent point of embarkation. Archie Tait - Head of Workshops, London Film School

… an essential reference book for anyone hoping to get even the most marginal insight into the workings of the Nigerian film industry. The second part of the title really emphasises the first part – Nollywood is only one small section of filmmaking by Nigerians both inside the country and in the wider diaspora. Kubara Zamani – Editor, Nubiart Diary

Denton has interviewed an astonishing array of professionals working in the Nigerian (and beyond) film industry. The generosity in the wealth of information that these practioners have shared in this book is a rare treat, giving in-depth personal accounts of their trials and tribulations in the tough world of film. Suzy Gillett, First Eleven Films

The Nigerian Filmmaker's Guide to Success is available at the BFI book shop or on kindleThe press pack for the guide can be accessed here.

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